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‘Beam’ing medical videos

At the recent Mobile World Congress Samsung debuted a new mobile phone.  Engadget posted about the phone and wasn’t sure how all of the features would be used in real life… well I have some suggestions.

First the phone runs on Andriod and looks pretty sleek.  The feature that has everyone talking is the pico projector built into the phone. That’s right, no more lugging around the large projectors;  although, the quality is good it is not excellent.

So what does this mean to the medical field?

With a projector built into a phone physicians and nurses can quickly project information or videos for patients. Lets say you are talking with a patient who is about to undergo a colonoscopy. The physician goes MedlinePlus to find information on colonoscopy. He also sees some pictures and videos. Using his Samsong Beam phone, that is easy to carry in his pocket than a tablet, he projects the information, images and video onto the wall. The patient sees the information and is able to ask more questions. Quick,  simple, easy.

Yes you could use a computer in the room, if there was a computer in the room.  But what if you were doing home visits, in an area that didn’t have computers in every room, etc.

Another possibility is for meetings.  A medical professional could use this phone to project their latest case, information, etc. during a meeting.  It would not matter if this meeting took place in a normal conference room, over lunch in the lounge, or other place. You would always have your phone handy since it easily fits into your pocket.

Another interesting fact about this phone is that it will also project any image you place under it. Basically you put a picture under the phone. The phone’s camera reads the image and projects it on the wall. Excellent! Pass an x-ray, or other image under the projector and make it larger for the patient or for medical staff.

I think the idea is neat and would like to see the possibilities of adding pico projectors to more phones and even tablets. Making it easier to display information in 1 device will improve communications amongst physicians, medical staff, and patients.

What do you think? What are some other possibilities in the medical field?


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